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How to stay connected while working remotely

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Workplace socialising encourages teamwork, boosts productivity and increases morale. So with 50% of global workers now spending two and half days or more working outside the office (according to our Great Big Survey) it’s important to look at new ways to stay connected. The next time you’re working on the move, try these methods to make contacts, share ideas and create opportunities.

Network online: Twitter and LinkedIn can be great to find and connect with professionals in your area. Follow and engage with interesting people in the cities you often travel to (or in your home town) and message to see if they’d like to meet up in person.


Chat over a coffee: Meeting up with other remote workers for a mid-morning cup of coffee gives you the opportunity to share ideas and see projects from a different angle. If you’re looking for someone to chat with, try approaching other workers in your co-working space, asking your business contacts or dropping your ex-colleagues a line.

Attend networking events: A quick Google search should bring up monthly, bi-monthly and weekly networking events in your area. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start looking for opportunities, as is Meetup.com. In most cities there will also be smaller groups organised by local entrepreneurs, so keep your ear to the ground.

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Sign up for relevant conferences: As well as learning something new about your industry, you’ll also get to meet and network with dozens or even hundreds of other professionals in your field. It’s often very worthwhile to attend conferences about topics loosely related to your own industry. For example, if you work in web design, a visit to an SEO conference could give you the opportunity to meet people who may need design advice (as well as giving you the chance to meet experts who could help you boost your search presence).


Go to co-working spaces: Working remotely can be lonely, but bringing your laptop along to a co-working space gives you an office atmosphere. It also gives you the chance to speak and network with other workers who have had the same idea. You can find spaces online or use the Regus app to book co-working space, offices and meeting rooms on demand, as and when you need it.